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Our History

The club began as a group of outdoor enthusiasts getting together, back in April of 1998. Rose-Marie Chretien, the club’s foundress, saw the need to have an outdoor club in this area and found that others shared her vision.


Inspired by the memory of her late brother Tommy, who passed away from cancer at an early age, she was prompted and motivated to move this idea forward. Through her efforts and persistance, many people jumped on board and over time her dream was realized.


Through the collaborative effort of many people, the group took shape and was formally made a club on February 11, 2001 , with an executive, bylaws, a constitution, and an annual fee.

Now numerous members take part in an assortment of activities.













We have our own handy-man, namely Gord.  Gord has been tremendous and a constant help to the club.  His talents are often at work in navigation, building frames to hold canoes and kayaks, constructing apparatus to transport the vessels, sewing tarps, to name a few.  He has a big heart and greatly shares the joy of being outdoors and the fellowship of others.  Thanks Gord for being you. Gord served as President (twice), Treasurer, and Past President.

Wayne has contributed to the club in numerous ways. Leading events at all levels he has become well known throughout the club. Although sometimes late, he is often there to welcome new guests, to volunteering his vehicle to drive and to share his vast experience to all members of the club. Thank you Wayne for your positive attitude and patient leadership. Wayne has served as Vice-President and President.

Rose-Marie's effort was soon blessed with the amazing talents of John.  John's computer skills and creativity were the springboard that helped get the club moving and organized.  Over time, John has produced posters, calendars, T-shirts, a logo.  Hats off to you, and thank you for sharing your gift with us.  John served as President and Past President.


Don't be deceived by his quiet demeanor, Kevin is a mover and a shaker, who looks ahead to plan events that will bring people together.  He was the main force behind the event "Up the Creek, canoe and kayak paddle".  His experience in hiking, canoeing and camping has been essential in climatizing inexperienced members into the great outdoors.  Thank you Kevin for your patience and understanding.  Kevin served as President, Activity Officer, Membership Officer and as Past President.

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